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Hello and welcome to, the AI-powered tool you need for finding the perfect domain name and securing matching social media handles! We're Gael and Mark, the dynamic duo behind Authority Hacker, on a mission to help you start and grow successful websites.

Having experienced the challenges of locating an ideal domain name that's available, has corresponding social media handles, and isn't tangled up in trademark issues, we decided to create

Our goal is to simplify the brand-building process for entrepreneurs, businesses, and individuals worldwide. And guess what? We're currently in beta! If the community embraces, we'll continue refining and enhancing the tool.

Please feel free to share our platform with others, as this will help us make it even better. As a token of our appreciation, we're keeping entirely free of charge, with no current plans for monetization.

Instead, we'd like you to enjoy our cutting-edge solution to build a strong and unforgettable online presence.

So go ahead, explore, and let us help you create the perfect digital identity with an impressive domain name, matching social media handles, and trademark peace of mind.

Warmest regards,
Gael & Mark
from Authority Hacker